About Lifemotivator.com and Jan Torndyb

Jan was born in Denmark on 18th September 1980, and is an entrepreneur in various fields.
He began in the music industry already as 16 years old and became partner in a successful management company only a few years later.
This brought him on a journey as manager, producer, publisher and label owner, working with many world famous artists through the next 20 years.
At the same time he moved into the world of the growing IT business. This opened positions directly related to investments, online distribution and sales/marketing.
Jan has lived in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Mallorca/Spain, and is now based in Thailand full time.
Along the way he educated himself as a Coach in organisations, and also took a Certified class with  C. Madanes and Tony Robbins.
His unique capability of dealing with very eccentric people in high tempo businesses, has made him a natural in motivating anyone, in order for them to accelerate and get to the next point in life.
He explains:
" I created Lifemotivator as a platform for people to have an alternative to regular coaching and psychologists. This is not so much therapy in its original form, this is about flexibillity of  the mind and determine your patterns so you can use them in your favour instead of letting them hold you back. This is for everyone who needs sparring and tools to get the task done and move towards happiness. "

We all have different alter egos inside of us

Channelise them and use them all to feel a 360 degrees life. Suppress one and you will never really accept who you truly are.

Strong and Powerful

Fun and Energetic

Wise and Calm

Deep and Thoughtful

Now let's define yours

and get them all activated to the fullest